Friday, 23 April 2010

Tree idea/concept

I've decided that I want to make a tree, yay :D

I researched into various different platforms and I decided that I'd like to use the Wii, because the style I have in mind I think would suit well.
I was hoping to find some average specifications, but it seems no one wants to document this sort of information. I could only find random posts on forums or just a few specs from one game. The annoying thing is I need this info because I need to have a triangle limit.
So, from what information I could gather I came up with this:

Wii game characters have an average triangle count of 6000 - 8000

With that in mind I've decided that my tree should be less than 1000.

Then I thought about the style of the tree. I want it to be cartoony/cel shaded, something along the lines of these:

I've never played Okami, but it looks like such a beautiful game!

I've decided on a sort of mixture between the two, incorporating the shapes and colours.

I've thought about what audience it should appeal to. Even though both of these games are cel shaded, which generally appeals to the younger generation, I would argue that Okami is aimed at people older than 13.
The shapes in Animal crossing are very simple, and the colours are brighter, this would appeal more to younger people. With this in mind I want to make my tree appeal to any age. (I know that sounds incredibly boring, but it's what I want, okay? :P) I want it to be able to fit into younger children's games as much as any other game, fitting with this particular art style. (Making it harder for myself? Who knows?)

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