Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Doorway ideas/concept

Going back to when I said I would like to create something using the art style of Half-Life 2, I decided that my realistic piece should incorporate certain aspects of this.

I really like how even though everything looks clean cut, theres so much detail.

Looking at the demographics of the game, I would say that it appeals to people from late teens onwards. (even though I clearly remember playing the first one when I was 12 ;D)

I think I'll make a doorway, and concentrate on making it look pretty!

Obviously this first came out for the pc so this will be my platform.
Looking at poly counts (for pc) :
Alyx Vance – 8323 polygons
Barney – 5922 polygons
Combine Soldier – 4682 polygons
Buggy (without mounted gun) – 5824 polygons
Classic Headcrab – 1690 polygons
SMG – 2854 polygons (with arms)
Pistol – 2268 polygons (with arms)

I was unable to find information on buildings and other props, but I can make a judgement based on this. I only want to make a simple doorway, so I think I should keep it under 1000.

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