Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Taking a stab at realism

This should be fun :) I epically failed my realism scene from last term, so anything better than what I came up with will be awesome amounts of progress!

Some things I need to think about (in terms of where I went wrong last time)

My modelling was awful, it was as if I'd just ignored anything I'd ever learned, and just modelled away (How I got that thing unwrapped is beyond me) So.. No stupid modelling mistakes!

My normal maps were pretty harsh, and my lighting was off too, so I need to be careful with this too.

Stupid mistakes, such as, floating stuff, random verts, etc. None of that. I just generally need to keep it tidy.

(Now that I have said this, I'm sure I have jinxed it, and therefore there will be something thats wrong. Hopefully just a filename ;D)

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