Wednesday, 14 April 2010

It's about time I posted some of my work, yeah? ^-^

A few things I've been working on over this term:

First of all I decided that I'd help out with a little game project called Quench. After realising that I epically fail at 3D I wanted to get to grips with it, my confidence over the year hadn't been very good but I felt I was getting it back with the work I managed to produce. I needed something relatively easy to do, so I could get some practice and stop making the little mistakes that I always do.

The game consists of putting fires out on buildings that look like they're made out of paper, and also saving little paper bag men (who also catch on fire)

Anyway, one of the first things I made was a quirky little house, (which unfortunately, I lost because my harddrive hates me) But I made it again, and also made a town hall and a statue. The process of getting everything into the engine was pretty easy, just a case of naming everything correctly and making sure the right textures are in the right folder.

Here are the three buildings I made working in game.

This is the house that got corrupted on my hard drive that I made again.

After making the house I looked at what other things needed to be made so I made a townhall.

Seeing as you rescue the paper bag men I thought it would be awesome if there was a monumental statue of one.

And here is a screenshot of a level I made, although I think I made it a bit too hard because I ran out of water a few times. A few paper bag men died :(

Renders of my buildings.

I've realised that those unwraps are terrible, but I remember why. Just before the deadline I changed a few things, and didn't have the time to make a perfect unwrap.

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