Thursday, 15 April 2010

Getting quench buildings into the engine.

Here is a quick guide to getting things working properly in the Quench engine.

Once you have made the building, there are several things which need to be done.
There are 6 things in total which are needed to make the whole building work.
First of all you need to make a base surrounding the building.
Then you need make a Collision wall round the building, so that the paper bag men can't walk through it.
Then you need to make a Fire box so that the building will burn
Then you need to make a wreck so that if the building burns down the wreck will be left.
After you have done this you need to make a dummy called Houses (this can be put anywhere)
Then you need to make 2 more dummies outside the main entrance of your building, one named Exit and one named Door. This is so that the paperbag men can enter and exit your building.

Firstly, the hierarchy.

Make sure that the main building is connected to Houses, and then everything else connected to your building. Also make sure that you dont have anything named with the same letter as the other things, for example, you have someting named window. When you put it into the engine the code would recognise it as 'Wreck' and therefore it would not work properly.

Export as a B3D file and save it to the Town folder, save as level.b3d.

Make sure your textures are in this folder too.

Run main.exe

Provided that you have followed these steps correctly, you should see your building with the correct textures fully working in the engine. (This process works in the old version, as it got updated as levels were being created. The methodology is sound for the old version of Quench but the newer version has a dummy called FireGame which Line is a child of. Line is what is animated to start houses burning.)

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